Who’s the Greatest Mom in the Whole World? Me! Me! Me!

Who’s the greatest mom in the whole world? Me! Me! Me! Who has the sweetest, most well-adjusted preschooler in the whole world? Me! Me! Me!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, my daughter had a great time at her second ballet/tap class. Last week, after much anticipation and despite being dressed to the nines (dance class style), it was a bust. She cried (screamed) and sat on my lap for the entire class. This unexpected (somewhat) outcome was not only disappointing for her but sent me into a panic over whether I am adequately “socializing” her. By the time this week’s class rolled around, I was sure I’d been a terrible mom by not enrolling her in preschool at least a year ago.  I should mention that she will be three in two weeks.

You’d think, after being a mom for nearly a quarter of a century, that such a small thing would not bother me.  You’d think.  Neither of my boys went to preschool.  My oldest son, clingy from the get-go, went off to Kindergarten without a hitch.  His younger brother, the child who spent a significant portion of each day shouting “I’m a big boy!”, cried for the first six weeks. Go figure. That alone should be enough for me to realize that I am not the puppet master and, more importantly, that I don’t need to be. Every child is different and will adjust to social interactions at their own pace. Preschool is not the only way for a child to learn social skills.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against preschool.  I’ve just never been excited about tying the family down to a school calendar before its completely necessary. Once that happens, say goodbye to sleeping in and to spontaneous travel. I also feel confident (usually) that parents are capable of teaching a preschooler everything they need to know. Lets not forget that way back when I was a kid, Kindergarten was preschool. It wasn’t even mandatory, and it certainly wasn’t all day.

I believe the doubt in our Bohemian lifestyle crept in based on the fact that nowadays nearly every kid goes to preschool.  Almost every play group we attend, there is a conversation about preschool. Which preschool is best? Which has the longest waiting list? Which one does “so and so” send her kids to? I recently had an especially unusual conversation in which an acquaintance of mine shared that she and her daughter pray every night that she gets into a particular preschool. Hey, no pressure there.

Anyway, crisis averted. My little girl is not doomed to be a social outcast forever. If bribed heavily enough, she can tolerate standing near other children and accepting direction from an adult other than me.
That should buy us at least a few more months of late bedtimes and unstructured mornings spent snuggling on the couch. Whew!

I LOVE dance class!!!



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3 responses to “Who’s the Greatest Mom in the Whole World? Me! Me! Me!

  1. What a milestone! We started preschool this week too. I need to get on the stick and write about that. It’s not a traditional pre-school, but a learning co-op among friends. Our babies are not babies any more.

  2. But where, oh where, will your little girl learn how to make an Indian headdress and necklace for Thanksgiving? Oh, now that I’ve thought it through, maybe missing Preschool is for the best.

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