A Submission of Love

My friend Martha over at Momsoap issued an invitation from her readers for guest posts about how we show love to our children. I was all about it. Awesome. The opportunity to write a quick and simple submission of love. Simple? Not at all. Quick? Well, the request was made at the beginning of the month, and I’m just getting started. Not an hour has gone by that I haven’t considered what to write. And yet, I have stalled.

How do I show my children I love them? I guess I’m really not sure of the answer to that question. Perhaps when this post is written, I will have a better idea.

Much of the time, I follow my instincts. I hold them. I kiss them. I tell them I love them. Sometimes, I make a very conscious effort NOT to follow my instincts. I try hard not to strike out, verbally or otherwise, when I am angry at them. I try not to melt down when I am desperate for some peace and quiet and there’s none to be found anywhere. I resist the urge to shout “I DON’T KNOW” when I’m asked the millionth unanswerable question. When I am unable to resist one my negative inclinations, I apologize.

I do things I don’t necessarily like to do and do my best to pretend like I am having the time of my life. I go to amusement parks. I read aloud. I host play groups and play dates. ( I used to be the team mom. I used to host team parties. Hell, I once played organized soccer just to make a tweener happy, and I am NOT an athlete. )

I try to be someone my kids can come to when they need to talk. I try not to overreact when confronted with information I feel uncomfortable with. (And that has happened A LOT!)  I try to remember back when I was a kid, teenager or young adult in order to keep my perspective when deciding on repercussions for “bad” behavior. I make sure to look up and smile when my kid comes into the room.

Perhaps most importantly (at this time), I stop writing blog posts when my presence is requested at the 10th tea party of the day. 🙂



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3 responses to “A Submission of Love

  1. Your children are very lucky to have such a loving mother.

    My husband told me a few years ago, that his mum has never told him she loves him. And when she comes to visit, she shakes his hand.

    I do not understand it. I have a need in me to touch my children constantly. To make them feel loved. To talk. To listen. To see.

  2. i liked the ending especially to this post, left wondering what came next, anticipation and the kind of curiosity a nosy neighbor would have. peeping is way under-rated.
    for me, the dirty job of self-care seems to b the most direct rout to helping the kiddos out.
    keep on.

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